April 29 | Nashville

It is no secret that our cities are growing. The latest U.S. Census Bureau data points to significant population growth in urban areas nationwide—with the greatest population growth occurring in the South and West. Such population surge impacts everything from transportation and energy to security service and performance.

Smart cities offer a solution to these challenges by leveraging data and technology to make better decisions and improve the quality of life. From IoT sensors on physical infrastructure to intelligent syncing of traffic signals and applications that send real-time alerts to drivers, hear from leading experts about the ways smart mobility is easing congestion and improving safety. TennSMART members will also hear about innovative public-private partnerships to fund and facilitate these smart investments.

View select presentations from our fall meeting:

U.S. DOT Truck Platooning Research Program – Tom Kearney, Freight Operations Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration

Innovations in Long Haul – Carson Spencer, Bridgestone Americas; Dr. Eric Thorn, Southwest Research Institute; and Dr. Stephanie Ivey, University of Memphis (moderator)

TennSMART Member Presentations – Bill Copeland, EPB; and Al Pramuk, Andy Lucyshyn, & Matt D’Angelo, Gresham Smith

IDIADA Update – Tom Brewer, President, Intelligent Mobility LLC

Last Mile Innovation – Rebecca Yeung, Staff Vice President of Service Experience Leadership, FedEx

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