Focus Area #1: Connected and Automated Vehicles

  • Developing technologies and algorithms for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid interactions
  • Leveraging high performance computing, data science, and advanced sensors and communications protocols
  • Enabling smart routing
  • Alleviating congestion
  • Improving safety
  • Increasing the efficiency of the entire transportation system

Focus Area #2: Electric vehicles

  • Advancing wireless charging technologies
  • Charging vehicles on the go
  • Automating the charging process
  • Sharing energy back and forth between vehicles, buildings, and the grid
  • Maximizing energy savings and convenience

Focus Area #3: Cybersecurity

Developing new systems and technologies that:

  • Validate the trustworthiness of messages from vehicles and the infrastructure
  • Address identity and privacy needs
  • Explore best paths to   provide the computing   power necessary in a connected world

Focus Area #4: Freight efficiency

Exploring new paradigms in freight transport, including:

  • Hybrid electric heavy-duty powertrains
  • Truck platooning technologies
  • Automated multimodal freight delivery
  • Unmanned aerial systems

Focus Area #5: Multimodal commuting

  •  Facilitating mode shifting
  •  Optimize energy efficiency and convenience in passenger commutes
  •  Developing smart technologies that increase connectivity between various forms of transportation
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